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WPC Wood Plastic Composites

GSmach can supply the complete extrusion line from premixing to profile/sheet for WPC Wood Plastic Composites.


  • Profile for window and floor and contruction;
  • Sheet for table and door;
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WPC Wood Plastic Composites

Basic Formula

  • PP/PE/PVC compounding with wood fiber up to 65%, color masterbatch and additives


  • PP/HDPE melting temperature is more than 170℃, so it is necessary to feed wood fiber from the side feeder.

  • Wood fiber premix additives then feed into side force feeder. GSmach supply screw design to avoid over shearing but still good mixing without reducing the length of fiber.

  • For PVC window profile, no need to make compounding material into pellets, just cool down and crush it into powder.

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