Why will traditional plastic bags eventually be replaced? Mar 23, 2023

The traditional plastic bag is made of nitrocellulose. It is an indispensable thing in People's Daily life. People use it to hold all kinds of things. Plastic bags are cheap, light, large and easy to carry and store. However, plastic bags in the life of people bring convenient while, also brought environment difficult to clean up the situation, traditional non-biodegradable plastic bags, discarded after decomposition time very long, is very difficult to deal with, the environmental pollution is serious, incineration and the harm to human is bigger, so is parts of banning the production and use. People call the environmental disaster caused by plastic "white pollution". The disposal of waste plastic bags is still a headache in environmental protection work. So what are the ingredients of traditional plastic bags? What are the dangers? Let's take a look today.

In order to meet the problems in the production and use of plastic bags, some corresponding components should be added to improve the performance of plastic bags. Plastic bags are composed of synthetic resin, filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, colorant, lubricant and so on.

Traditional plastic bags may cause harm to people in the process of using:

1. Destroy immunity. Some plastic bags added some whitening agents, phosphors, in addition to their potential carcinogenicity, but also destroy the human body's immunity.

2. Cause blood system diseases. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) contained in non-food plastic bags is prone to produce harmful substances after being heated at high temperatures, causing diseases of liver and kidney, central nervous system and blood system.

3. Cancer. The composition of food plastic bags is mostly polyethylene, which is not easy to decompose as long as the temperature is below 110 degrees Celsius. It is generally no problem when the temperature is not more than 100 degrees Celsius for water-containing food. But deep-fried food, such as churros, which have just come out of the pot, has a temperature far beyond the tolerance of food bags, which may lead to the production of harmful substances. Light person may giddy, disgusting, heavy have carcinogenic possibility.

4. Lead to gallstones and kidney stones. Substandard plastic bags mostly contained industrial calcium carbonate and paraffin wax. Calcium carbonate can make people appear constipation or gallbladder, kidney stones; Paraffin wax causes diarrhea.

5. affect intelligence. If heavy metals in plastic bags exceed the standard, it will affect the blood system and mental development.

Because of its characteristics and harm to people, traditional plastic bags will eventually be replaced.

At present, "white pollution" has become a severe global environmental pollution problem. A large number of disposable plastic bags are thrown away carelessly, causing serious pollution to the ecological environment.

Refuse "white pollution", practice green lifestyle, we need to act together, from today, let us for the earth home "plastic reduction"! Start with biodegradable packaging.

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