Why is the twin screw granulator an important production machine for the plastics and rubber industries? Nov 09, 2023

Twin screw granulator is an important equipment for the production of plastic and rubber products with the advantages of high efficiency, continuity and energy saving, which is widely used in the industry field. This article will introduce its principle, characteristics, applications and future development trend.

1.Working principle

Twin screw granulator consists of two screws, they rotate each other, the plastic, rubber and other raw materials through the heating, melting, mixing, plasticising and other processes, and finally made into granular products. The working principle of the granulator can be summarized as follows: raw materials enter the twin screw cavity through the feeding device, with the rotation of the screw, the raw materials are melted at high temperature, at the same time, the screw's helical structure makes the raw materials move forward under pressure, in the process, the raw materials are mixed and plasticized to form a homogeneous melt, which is finally extruded through the head of the mould to form granular products.


High efficiency: with high production efficiency, it can produce various plastic and rubber products in large quantities to meet the demand of industrial production.

Continuity: it can run continuously, which reduces the downtime and improves the production efficiency.

Energy-saving: low energy consumption, compared with other similar equipment, has a better energy saving effect.

Environmental protection: in the production process, it adopts closed operation, which reduces the waste of raw materials and pollution, and meets the requirements of environmental protection.


Twin screw granulator is mainly used in the production of plastic and rubber products, such as: plastic woven bags, plastic film, rubber tubes, rubber sheets and so on. At the same time, it is also widely used in automotive, construction, chemical, food packaging and other fields. The granulator has a wide range of applications and a large market demand, and is an important production equipment for the plastic and rubber products industry.

4.The future development trend

With the continuous development of science and technology, twin screw granulator is also constantly updated, the future development trend is as follows:

High precision: with the development of industrial technology, the precision requirements of the granulator is more and more high, the future of the granulator will be more high precision, able to produce more fine, high-quality products.

Intelligent: with the development of intelligent technology, the future of the granulator will be more intelligent, automated production, improve production efficiency, reduce manual operation.

Green: with the improvement of environmental awareness, the future of the granulator will be more green, using more environmentally friendly technology and materials, reduce the impact on the environment.

Multifunctional: the future of the granulator will have more functions, can produce more kinds of products to meet the needs of different industries.

In short, twin screw granulator is an important plastic, rubber products production equipment, with high efficiency, continuous, energy saving and other advantages, is widely used in industry fields.

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