What does a biodegradable lunch box mean? What are the main ingredients? Mar 23, 2023

Now the country is promoting environmental protection, and catering and takeout businesses are gradually replacing ordinary disposable meal boxes with biodegradable ones. So what is a biodegradable meal box?

A biodegradable meal box is a meal box that can undergo a biochemical reaction under the action of the natural environment, resulting in carbon dioxide and water.The whole process breaks down into harmless substances without artificial intervention.

1. starch based degradable meal box

It is starch as the main raw material, adding plant fiber and special additives, after chemical and physical methods to make biodegradable fast food box.Because starch is a biodegradable natural polymer, it is broken down by microorganisms into glucose and finally into water and carbon dioxide.In addition, the material blended with it is also fully degradable, so it can be said that it has no impact on the environment.The main source of raw starch can be corn, potato, sweet potato, cassava and other plants.

2. biodegradable plastic lunch box

This kind of disposable meal box is made of biodegradable plastic processed from biodegradable raw materials such as PBAT and PLA with other additives.In the long term, biodegradable plastics completely decompose into carbon dioxide and water under biological action, which is harmless to the natural environment.

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