What are the characteristics of PLA degradable straw? Mar 23, 2023

Shopping seems to be a very simple way, but it is not easy to choose satisfactory products, no matter what kind of items you choose, you must pay attention to the details.PLA degradable straw when choosing to refer to what factors, perhaps more know how to refer to specific standards, the latter choice will be relatively satisfied, and even can choose the product relatively more in line with their own needs in many products.

PLA is a kind of energy-saving biodegradable material, made from starch materials proposed by renewable plant resources such as corn.From the perspective of production and processing, PLA degradable plastics have good mechanical properties and high hardness.There is a high degree of transparency in the vision, it can be said that the level of strength and appearance coexist.From the perspective of treatment, PLA degradable plastics can be degraded in only 90 days under the condition of industrial composting.

First, PLA degradable straw is a kind of energy-saving biodegradable straw, made of PLA, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction and green environmental protection.PLA straw is a brand new energy-saving beverage straw. It comes from the concept of natural recycling, which is just the opposite of the concept of traditional plastic today. It is made from lactic acid materials proposed by renewable plant resources (such as corn).

The shape and performance of PLA degradable straw are close to that of traditional straw products made of polypropylene. The product has good gloss and permeability, and has the characteristics of health, environmental protection and biodegradation. The storage life can reach 12 months.

PLA degradable straws will decompose when buried underground and will not pollute the environment, which conforms to the concept of the current environmental protection society and avoids the white garbage caused by plastic straws made of polypropylene.

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