What are the characteristics of bio-based corn starch degradation bags? Mar 23, 2023

Bio-based corn starch degradation bags, the starch content has certain requirements, the product extracted from corn, potato polymer starch as the base material, supplemented by bio-polyester plus cellulose, polyol and other substances through microbial fermentation of biological additives processing. Unlike traditional plastics, bio-based polymers are derived from renewable resources, such as sugar, starch, cellulose, etc. Among them, corn, sugar cane, grain, wood are used more common raw materials.

Biodegradable bags of corn starch can be completely and rapidly degraded in soil and natural environment, no DU, no pollution, no peculiar smell, and will not destroy the soil structure after degradation, so that "from nature, to nature" is a better degradable product.

Bio-based corn starch packaging bags in the production, the bag type, size, thickness can be customized according to customer requirements, and according to customer requirements single-color printing or multi-color printing.

Biological basis of corn starch biodegradable bags using range is wide, can produce all kinds of shopping bags, garbage bags, pet bags, sanitary napkin bag, bag, books and newspaper bag, leaves, flower POTS, seedling dry goods packaging table cloth bowls, pill boxes, cosmetics packaging, pen holder, a knife and fork, spoon, following, children's products, toys, tableware, vacuum cup, tray, fast food lunch box packing, etc.

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