What are the advantages of biodegradable packaging bags over ordinary packaging bags? Mar 23, 2023

Biodegradable plastic bags are made of vegetable starch, cellulose, chitin or biodegradable polymers produced by microorganisms. Under the action of microorganisms, low molecular compound materials can be synthesized. It can be used for agricultural mulching film and all kinds of packaging bags, as well as yi medicine and food industries. With the development of the industry, biodegradable packaging is becoming more and more popular and will eventually replace the traditional packaging bags.

Let's look at the advantages of biodegradable bags:

1. Biodegradable packaging bag is a kind of packaging bag made of plant straw, starch, etc. , harmless to human body and environment. After discarding, it can be degraded by itself under the joint action of sunlight, water and other biological environment. It is harmless to people or the environment and belongs to green environmental protection packaging bag.

2. The biodegradable packaging bag has high standard, good solvent resistance and oil resistance, and can be heat sealed. This bag is clean and safe for use in catering.

3. In terms of quality, it is a good packaging plastic bag with good tension, strong tensile strength, high softness and good hand feel.

4. In addition, it has good antistatic function and does not absorb dust.

Ordinary packaging bag:

1. Ordinary packaging bags can not be naturally degraded, serious pollution, no recycling value.

2. When ordinary packaging burns, it will produce harmful gases, which not only smell bad, but also cause blindness, vomiting and other symptoms after inhalation, causing great air pollution.

3. The raw materials of ordinary packaging bags are products extracted from petroleum, but petroleum resources are limited and waste resources.

4. Ordinary plastics have poor heat resistance and are easy to age. If used in food, it can cause harm to the human body.

No matter from which level, biodegradable packaging bags replace ordinary packaging is indisputable fact, in line with the trend.

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