Twin-screw extruder fault analysis and troubleshooting Feb 27, 2023


Failure phenomena: main motor does not start

Failure analysis: absence of phase in the power supply; failure of the main contactor to engage; emergency stop switch not reset

Exclusion methods: checking the contents of the 590 fault display; checking the control circuit for the start signal; reset of the emergency tappet switch


Failure phenomena: sudden stop when main motor is running

Failure analysis: cutter frequency overload protection alarm; head pressure exceeding the set value; overload and overcurrent protection and other electrical protection

Exclusion methods: check the alarm points on the membrane panel (red light position); check the head heater and that the screen is not blocked; check for foreign objects in the cartridge


Failure phenomena: main motor running and transmission not turning

Failure analysis: possible entry of foreign bodies in the barrel; excessive loads; breakage of the safety pin in the coupling

Exclusion methods: check the cause and replace the safety pin


Failure phenomena: uncontrolled heater temperature

Failure analysis: the heater continues to operate when the actual temperature of the temperature control gauge exceeds the set value; solid state relay does not operate

Exclusion methods: inspection of heating circuits and heaters; eplacement of solid state relays


Failure phenomena: when the actual value of the temperature control meter does not reach the set value, the heater is in a normal heating state, the pump is started and the temperature drops rapidly when the solenoid valve is not opened

Failure analysis: foreign bodies in the solenoid valve, not reset

Exclusion methods: wash solenoid valve


Failure phenomena: high temperature in one zone during operation

Failure analysis: high water temperature in the water tank; solenoid valves not opening; blocked one-way valves and pipes

Exclusion methods: inspection of cooling water; check disassembly and cleaning of check valves and pipes


Failure phenomena: temperature control meter shows "H"

Failure analysis: electric thermocouple break couples

Exclusion methods: Check thermocouple wiring and update thermocouples

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