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Thermal Film Extrusion Laminating Machine

GSmach designs and manufactures extrusion laminating/coating lines on the strength of a thorough expertise in the co-extrusion of special polymers – customized and modular layout to meet the demand for special products; – chill-roll unit with precise temperature control – rapid cooling system – special winders and unwinders suitable for any final application.

Applications of Thermal Film Extrusion Laminating Machine

BOPP thermal film/ PET pre-coated film

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Thermal Film Extrusion Laminating Machine

Thermal Film Extrusion Laminating Machine

Thermal Film Extrusion Laminating Machine

Technical Parameters

Machine specification1200mm/1400mm/1700mm
Effective widthMax1100mm/1300mm/1600mm
Machine speed350m/min
ExtruderLD-90mm/LD-100mm “Automatic lifting type extruder”
Extruder power45-55kw
Extruder outputMax 200kg/h or 250kg/h
Used resinsCoated resins like LDPE/LLDPE/PP/EVA/EAA
Coating thickness8-45μm
Thickness uniformity≤±5%
Unwinding diameterMax Φ1200mm
Rewinding diameterMax Φ1200mm
Basic materialPaper(35-200g/㎡)
Tension controlFull automatic tension roller closed-loop constant tension control of unwinder and rewinder
Control modeHuman-machine interface, extrusion thickness is automatically precision calculated by computer, whole machine linkage control
Frequency converterImported AC digital vector control inverter
Machine Dimension(L*W*H)19.2/13.2×(9.5-12)×4.5m

Main Features

1) Double Shaft-less paper roll stands suitable for 3-6 inch paper core,automatic lift ,easier operation .

2) Auto splicer device realize paper in 150-300 m/min speed exchange without decrease machine line speed

3) Ultrasonic type EPC system,makes frequent replacement materials operation more simple

4) Hydraulic lamination structure design , can make coating thinner and firm .

5) Trimming device make the finished coated paper rolls even

6)Special cutting knife and rewinder design makes high speed rewinding shafts exchange possible

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