Teach you how to choose garbage bags Mar 23, 2023

We use garbage bags every day in our lives, but we hear our friends around us say that choosing garbage bags is actually a technical job. If we choose good garbage bags, we can help people to reduce the trouble of daily cleaning. So how to choose garbage bags? Let's explain it to you:

First, according to the length of the garbage bag to choose:

1. Since most garbage bags are folded together, the size of garbage bags is rarely distinguishable. However, it is difficult to combine life to choose the reference length and width written on the garbage bag, so it is easy to find that the garbage bag does not match the size of the trash can. If the garbage can is too big and the garbage bag is too small, a lot of garbage will leak out and need to be cleaned up again, or more garbage bags will be used to hold the leaking garbage, which is not economical. At this point, you need length to quickly determine size.

 2. Tell you that when choosing garbage bags, because of the difference at the bottom, the width will have a certain impact, so the more appropriate judgment is to pay attention to the length of garbage bags. The length of a garbage bag determines its size. In our daily life, for example, usually use 20 liters of trash can, the available height of about 37 cm 39 cm, and we need to buy some 43 cm - 47 cm long bag, so when use, garbage bags will leave the rest of the third, when the litter so, knot will have enough space to prevent fall garbage and not dirty hands.

Two, according to the material of the garbage bag to choose:

1. Tell everyone that garbage bags are actually made of different materials. Although we have the impression that garbage bags are made of polyethylene material, we should know that the materials of garbage bags are divided into polyethylene new material and recycled material. The new polyethylene material has strong toughness, is not easy to break and leak, is more resistant to high temperature, is healthier and has no peculiar smell; Recycled materials are smelly, relatively "brittle" and prone to tearing. It's easy to tell them apart. The new polyethylene looks thicker, folds harder, feels smoother and generates less static electricity.

2. Tell you that garbage bags, in terms of use, are not easy to produce two cleaning, and no odor with more assured. In terms of environmental protection, recycled materials are less likely to be degraded.

Three, according to the bottom of the garbage bag to choose:

As mentioned above, the bottom of garbage bags can be divided into octagonal bottom, flat bottom and round bottom. The design of these bottom cannot be separated from our daily use. The octagonal bottom of the garbage bag increases its carrying capacity due to multiple supports. Flat trash bags have more capacity. Most round-bottomed garbage bags are made to fit a variety of garbage bags, so pay attention to the bottom shape when choosing.

Four, according to different styles to choose garbage bags:

At present, the commonly used styles in daily life are extractable type and breakpoint ripping type, which will be more convenient to use. Most broken-point bags come in rolls, so they take up less space, last longer, and are more economical than buying a dozen individually.

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