Stoppage of twin-screw extruder Feb 27, 2023

1. Normal parking

(1) The feeder screw speed to zero, press the feeder stop button.

(2) Close the vacuum line valve.

(3) Gradually reduce the host screw speed, at low speed to exhaust the barrel body residue material. (For heat sensitive materials susceptible to decomposition, apply polyolefin material to clean the host before parking.) After the materials are basically discharged, adjust the screw speed to zero and press the main motor stop button, while closing the valve next to the vacuum chamber and opening the vacuum chamber cover.

(4) In turn, press the main motor cooling fan, oil pump, vacuum pump, water pump stop button and the electrical cabinet on each section of the heating power switch.

(5) Shut down the pelletizer and other equipment.

(6) Clean up the die surface of the machine head and the materials remaining in the machine head. Clean the entire unit and production site to keep the site clean.

2. Emergency stop

In case of emergency, press the red emergency stop button of the electric control cabinet. And the host, feeder, granulator speed knob back to zero, and then the total power switch off. Eliminate the applause before driving again according to normal driving procedures.

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