Start-up procedure and precautions for water-drawn pelletizing units Mar 23, 2023

Start-up procedure and precautions for water-drawn pelletizing units

(1) Thoroughly clean the equipment can be cleaned of miscellaneous materials.

(2) Check the water level of the drawbar tank, the water level of the soft water tank and the water source are normal.

(3) Open the electric cabinet and close the total power supply, open the key switch on the cabinet, set the temperature value according to the process, (directly press the up and down arrows, other keys do not press,) start heating.

(4) After heating for one hour, disconnect the main power supply. Remove the head screws, open the head to clean the residual material in the head, remove the screen plate to replace the screen. (the head is high temperature, pay attention to burns)

(5) Clean the contact surface of the head, the screen plate, the head and the hopper to add material.

(6) Close the total power supply and then heat for 15 minutes, start the power supply of the cutter, then start the cutter inverter, the green button on the inverter, the cutter speed to 8Hz (7) to the main electrical cabinet, open the vibrating screen, fan 1, fan 2, water pump, oil pump, the host and feeding knob to zero, start the host and feeding.

(7) Observe the host current, adjust the host speed to 8Hz. (If the current is large alarm stop, press the red button on the host inverter to reset again press the start button to start the host machine)

(8)The host current is less than 80A, start feeding adjust the feeding knob is the host current does not exceed 100A.

(9)Another operator, lift the material frame to tract the material bar when the machine head is discharged, press the material frame on the material bar, tract the material bar to the cutting machine, cut off the dough material with scissors before the material bar enters the cutting machine, enter the cutting machine, adjust the rotational speed is the right thickness of the material bar.

 (10) Separate the sticky strips with a thin bar under the water at the exit of the head.

 (11) Stabilise for a few minutes, observe that the host current cannot be greater than 120, the host and feeder start to speed up and arrive at normal production data while the cutter cooperates with the speed regulation.

 (12) Shut down, hopper before five minutes, into the shutdown ready host, feeding, cutting machine at the same time to slow down and stop. Do not enter the cutting machine when the material strip is smaller than the normal diameter and stop when no material is discharged.

 (13) Disconnect the total power supply, clean up the machine head, change the screen.

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