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PS Sheet Extruder Machine

PS sheet extrusion line is a type of production equipment specifically designed and manufactured for the production of polystyrene (Polystyrene, or PS) sheets. These lines typically include a series of process steps and equipment for converting raw PS material into sheets of the desired size, shape and properties.

Applications of PS Sheet Extruder Machine

1.Packaging: PS sheets are commonly used for food packaging, electronics packaging, and other retail product packaging.
2.Advertising and Display: Transparent or coloured PS sheets are widely used for billboards, display boxes, POP advertisements and so on.
3.Office supplies: PS sheets are used to make folders, file boxes, stationery boxes and other office supplies.
4.Electronic products shell: PS sheet can be made into electronic products shell, panel and screen protector.
5.Medical equipment: PS sheet is used for medical equipment packaging, transparent cover, test tube racks and so on.
6.Architectural Models and Samples: Transparent or coloured PS sheets are used for architectural models, samples and displays.
7.Food service industry: PS sheets can be used to make transparent food containers, plates, cups, etc.
8.Home Decoration: PS sheets are also used for home decoration, such as making window treatments, wall panels, etc.

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What's PP/PS Sheet?

PS Sheet Extruder Machine

PS Sheet

PS sheet refers to polystyrene (Polystyrene) sheet, a common plastic material. Polystyrene is a thermoplastic whose characteristics include transparency, hardness, low cost, and ease of processing.PS sheet is widely used in different areas and comes in many forms, including common solid sheet, foam board, and drawn material.

Main Features:

  • Transparency: PS sheet has good transparency, making it ideal for transparent or translucent products.
  • Hardness: PS sheet typically has a certain level of hardness, making it suitable for applications that require a high degree of stiffness.
  • Ease of Processing: Polystyrene is an easy plastic to process and mould, and can be made into sheets by a variety of methods including extrusion, injection moulding and blow moulding.
  • LOW COST: PS sheet is relatively inexpensive and cost effective for mass production.
  • Chemical Stability: PS has good stability to many chemicals, allowing it to cope with a wide range of environments and application scenarios.

Flow Chart Description

Feeder → transit bin → loss-in-weight feeding → twin-screw mixing → filter → gear pump → distributor → T-die → three-roll calendar → cooling stack and trimming → thickness tester → corona treatment → silicon/antistatic coating and drier → protective film coating → traction → automatic winder with accumulator

PS Sheet Extruder Machine

A Typewidth (mm)thickness(mm)

Quantity (kg/h)


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