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POE / EVA Solar Film Production Line

Film extrusion is the first step towards ready-to-use packaging solutions. The extrusion process is always the basis for efficient printing and converting and is therefore a fundamental prerequisite for high-quality products. Typical cast film line applications include stretch, CPP or barrier applications, which offer high productivity and consistent quality.
Our cast film portfolio offers you the right machine for your individual production requirements: from basic solutions for standard products to highly customisable solutions for the production of demanding products. With our unique cast film extrusion technology, we are happy to support you in selecting the ideal machine for your specific needs!

Applications of POE / EVA Solar Film Production Line

The POE/EVA solar film production line plays a crucial role in the overall efficiency, durability, and performance of solar modules, contributing to the widespread adoption of solar energy as a clean and sustainable power source.

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What Twin Screw Extruder Machine You Need ?

GS mach which is a manufacturing vendor, specializing in the twin screw extruder pelletizing line and spare parts, with high quality machine and competitive price.

Green energy is currently the most talked about topic. Undoubtedly, solar energy has emerged as one of the leaders. Over the last decade, global solar products have grown at a rate of over 45% per year. China is outpacing the world average in terms of development and investment in solar energy.
GSmach has supplied several complete POE/EVA solar cell encapsulation film lines to leading solar cell manufacturers in China.
We have excellent experience and if you would like to invest in this industry, please contact us.

Trusted by Leading Companies

In 2022, we will deliver dozens of POE film production lines. If you want to invest in the solar cell encapsulation film industry, choosing our equipment is an option to maximize the return on investment.

Technical Datasheet of Production Line

Line type600MW EVA/POE Solar Cell Encapsulatoin Line300MW EVA/POE Solar Cell Encapsulatoin Line
Raw materialEVA Content: 25-33% / POEEVA Content: 25-33% / POE
Output400~500 kg/hr300~350 kg/hr
Film in area6,000,000 m2/year4,320,000 m2/year
Encapsulating Capacity500MW/year300MW/year
Line Speed5~12 m/min5~12 m/min
Film Thickness0.3-0.9mm0.3-0.9mm
Film Width2500mm1250mm / 2500mm
Film Roller Dia300-400mm300-400mm

Solar Cell Encapsulation Structure

POE EVA Solar Film Production Line

Full-automatic Contiuously Gravimetric Feeding System

The system not only allows for constant and precise feeding, but is also flexible and at the same time allows for changes to the formula in response to market demand or technological upgrades.

An intelligent and precise feeding system is a good start to a high quality product.

Twin Screw Extrusion System

The direct extrusion technology of the twin-screw extruder is one of the most important features of the line. The successful application of the twin-screw extruder makes the in-line compounding of POE/EVA resins and various additives a reality.
This meaningful improvement is the result of our deep understanding and extensive practice with twin-screw extruders. This innovation is not just a technical advantage, but a significant reduction in operating costs.

The excellent mixing effect of twin-screw extruders plays a leading role in the production of POE/EVA films, which involve a large number of additives and require good compounding.

The unique screw elements and screw profile are designed to match the physical and chemical properties of POE/EVA resins. It allows each component to be mixed uniformly while avoiding pre-crosslinking. This is also the basis for high productivity.

Special Cooling Calender Design

Special cooling channels in the calender keep the temperature on the calendar surface uniform. The unique silicone-coated calender effectively relieves stress on the POE/EVA film, resulting in a significant reduction in shrinkage.

Significant reduction in shrinkage.

The German made gear pump ensures a constant amount and pressure of melt into the mould. The closed-loop system maintains a stable and intelligent operation of the system.

Calibration System

Special T-die for EVA/POE designed according to the extrusion rheology of solar cell grade POE/EVA resin ensures stable extrusion at low temperatures.

This is one of the prerequisites to ensure low shrinkage and high light transmission.

Fully automatic online thickness tester records and reports thickness in time. The fully automatic constant tension winding system is designed according to the mechanical characteristics of EVA film. Fewer wasted profits and higher yield rates result from the continuous optimisation of each unit over a long period of production practice. These optimisations contribute to a significant reduction in operating costs.

Intelligent Control System

POE EVA Solar Film Production Line4
POE 6EVA Solar Film Production Line

From relays to industrial computers, we have more than enough to choose from. The logical setting between each function module makes precise control easy. Safer production is the result of taking mechanical and electrical protection into account. The precise synchronisation and synergetic control of each unit guarantees a high quality end product with peace of mind.

Excellent Quality of POE / EVA Film

The pursuit of every detail leads to world-class POE/EVA solar cell encapsulation films.

We can guarantee shrinkage rates of less than 3% and line speeds of 5 to 12 m/min.

Turn-key Project

For some customers, high-quality machines are not enough. High quality POE/EVA film is a combination of production processing and a stable production line.

We do not only supply machines, but also deliver value. From technical advice on project proposals to production quality control, from processing to staff training, we provide you with total engineering solutions and turnkey projects so that you can execute them with greater confidence.

POE / EVA Film Clients

POE EVA Film Clients
POE EVA Film Clients

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