PLA biodegradable straw and paper straw, to see whether they have the same in the end Mar 23, 2023

Straws are a particularly critical product in any country.Under multiple environmental protection and plastic restriction resistance, conventional straws face challenges and are eliminated, and environmental protection straws are imperative to replace them. Green environmental protection PLA biomass biodegradable straws and paper straws should also be born.Today, Hengsheng packaging Xiaobia will take us to understand several big players in environmental protection straws: PLA biomass biodegradable straws and paper straws, to see whether the two have the same.

The resistance temperature of PLA biomass degradable pipette is from -10℃ to 80℃, which is closer to the traditional plastic pipette. Moreover, it has the same physical properties as the traditional plastic pipette and has higher stability.But its color and paper straw contrast, relatively simple;

As for the similarities, here are the following points:

1. the material is natural, non-toxic, high air permeability, will not release any risk of human substances;

PLA biomass degradable pipette

2. after the use of compost environment and burial treatment can be completely decomposed by microorganisms, without any impact on the environment;

3. can replace the traditional plastic straw with oil as raw material matrix, the operation method is the same, more environmental protection and health.

4. because the cost of environmental straw is higher than plastic straw, the price is slightly more expensive, but also may become an obstacle to the development of environmental straw market.

The temperature of ordinary paper straw is from -10℃ to 40℃, and it is easy to dissolve when it exceeds 40℃, which will affect the taste of food.Of course, you can customize different colors, can be decorative, more beautiful.

In general, lactic acid, the monomer of PLA biomass biodegradable pipework, is a food additive and a biocompatible substance, so the biodegradable pipework is a material with higher food contact safety coefficient and has excellent biodegradability.PLA biomass biodegradable pipettes and paper pipettes are both popular environmental pipettes at present, but they are different. Customers can choose different environmental pipettes according to their needs.

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