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PET Sheet Extruder Machine

In PET sheet/film production, we prefer straightforward and efficient operations. The traditional pre-drying procedure has been completely removed from the entire process. Whatever the combination, 100% PET pellets or flakes or virgin, or a mixture of them, our systems can easily handle it.


  • PET extrusion sheet is widely used in the field of vacuum blister moulding: catering food packaging, toy box, stationery box, gift box and tools, fruit hardware class and other packaging;
  • In the field of antistatic applications: electronic parts packaging, permanent conductive sheet, permanent antistatic sheet, permanent semi-conductive sheet and other packaging; in the field of daily life applications: blister, folding box, packaging, printing, card making and other industries.
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What Twin Screw Extruder Machine You Need ?

GS mach which is a manufacturing vendor, specializing in the twin screw extruder pelletizing line and spare parts, with high quality machine and competitive price.

Tech Features

  • Pre-drying-free technology
  • High efficient vacuum system keeps IV drop minor
  • Optimized screw design avoids yellowing
  • More user-friendly and intelligent close-loop control


1- The production of high quality PET flakes using 100% bottle flakes.
2- The GSmach system is characterised by a decontamination/dehumidification process (about one hour’s time) that completely extracts the volatile components still present in the bottle flakes, resulting in a flake quality superior to any non-dry co-transfer system.
3- Production of perfect, non-fragile flakes that do not face any drop in IV (Intrinsic Viscosity) during production, with no restrictions on thickness. Tested with a sheet thickness of 1.5 mm.
4- Possibility to reduce the thickness of thermoformed articles.
5- There is no limit to the amount of recycled material generated during the thermoforming process. The zero drop in viscosity makes it possible to reprocess the thermoformed backbone of the PET sheet produced on the sheet extruder line, creating an endless production process starting from the first sheet produced on the machine.
6- Effective energy saving technology with very low energy consumption.

Flow Chart Description

Feeder → transit bin → loss-in-weight feeding → twin-screw mixing → filter → gear pump → distributor → T-die → three-roll calendar → cooling stack and trimming → thickness tester → corona treatment → silicon/antistatic coating and drier → protective film coating → traction → automatic winder with accumulator

PET Sheet Extruder Machine

A Typewidth (mm)thickness(mm)

Quantity (kg/h)


Machine Details

T-die & Three roller calendar3
T-die & Three roller calendar
T-die & Three roller calendar1
T-die & Three roller calendar2

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