PET Recycling

Interested in PET recycling? Choose us, because our 15-year experience and expertise in PET extrusion solutions can prepare anyone who wants to be involved in PET extrusion. Our solutions reflect our deep experience and ardent passion to innovate.

  • Streamlined Modern Process Flow
  • Energy Consumption saving of up to 40%
  • Refined Quality of finished product
  • Individual Solutions Geared Specifically for Recycling Tasks
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Plastic Recycling machine

Application area:                           

In order to reduce white pollution, protect the earth, protect the Environment.

We use the crusher, single screw or twin screw, for recycling and granulation,reduce resource waste. Including ABS PP PE hard material recycling, PET bottle flake recycling and so on.

We have 15 years of experience in recycling and pelletizing solutions.

If you want to get involved in recycling, we will be your best partner.



Special feeding system with high output

Our quality is very good. There are more than 20 production lines in the world. We are the best in China.

Provide turn-key service:One-on-one, VIP customer service.

Provide online technical support and door-to-door installation after-sales service.

The product has a wide range of uses.

The delivery time is short, the machine occupies a small area and the energy consumption is low.


Process flow:                           

Wash clean→Crusher→Feeding machine→Single screw extruder or two stage single screw extruder→Water tank→dryer→Pelletizer


Plastic Recycling machine——Underwater bracing granulation system

It is suitable for recycling and granulation of plastic needing frequent replacement of filter screen. The strip enters the grain cutter automatically through the water flow.

Even if the strip is broken in the process of changing the net, it will not lead to shutdown and continuous production can be realized.


The system mainly includes drawing machine head, inclined cooling water tank, grain cutter, centrifugal dehydrator, vibrating screen.


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