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One Step PVA Casting Film Machine

The one step PVA cast film machine is a specialised machine for the production of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) film. The machine integrates the processes of mixing, extruding, casting, cooling, and winding to achieve one time continuous production from raw material to finished film. With precise control of temperature, speed and tension, the machine is able to produce PVA films with high transparency, high strength and excellent water resistance, which are widely used in textile packaging, agricultural films and healthcare applications. Its highly efficient automated design not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces manual handling and improves product consistency and quality.

Applications Of One Step PVA Casting Film Machine

Packaging Industry:
Detergent packaging
Pesticide and fertiliser packaging
Food packagin

Medical and hygiene products:
Drug packaging
Surgical appliances and hygiene products

Seed tape
Agricultural land film

Personal Care Products:
Bath and shampoo products
Hygiene products

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One Step PVA Cast Film Machine VS Two Step PVA Cast Film Machine

One step PVA cast film machines, through their highly integrated and automated design, offer higher productivity and product quality consistency, are suitable for large scale, continuous production, and, despite a higher initial investment, offer higher production efficiency and quality control in the long term.

Two step PVA cast film machines, on the other hand, offer high process flexibility and relatively low initial investment, and are suitable for small to medium scale production and diversified product requirements, but are not as good as the one step process in terms of production efficiency and quality control.

pva film machine2

Main Features

1. Integrated process:
Integrated design: integrates multiple production steps such as mixing, extruding, casting, cooling and winding into one machine, completing one-time production from raw material to finished film.
Simplified process: simplify the production process, reduce intermediate processes, and improve production efficiency and yield.
2.Automatic control:
Advanced control system: Equipped with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) system, it automatically controls and monitors the parameters of each production process.
Precise regulation: Ensure consistent film thickness, transparency and physical properties by precisely controlling key parameters such as temperature, speed and tension.

One Step PVA Casting Film Machine2
One Step PVA Casting Film Machine4

3. Efficient production:
Continuous operation: the machine is designed for continuous operation mode, which dramatically improves production efficiency and is suitable for mass production.
Energy-saving designgn: Optimised energy utilisation design reduces energy consumption and lowers production costs.

4. Product quality:
High Consistency: The PVA film produced has high transparency, high strength and excellent water resistance, which is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios.
Strong stability: stable equipment operation, high yield, stable and reliable quality.

5. Flexibility and versatility:
Multi-specification production: capable of producing PVA films of different thicknesses and widths according to market demand, adapting to a wide range of applications, such as packaging, agriculture, medical and textile.
Parameter adjustablele: Flexible adjustment of production parameters according to different product requirements, with a high degree of adaptability and flexibility.

6. Environmental performance:
Green production: Reduced waste and emissions during the production process, in line with environmental requirements.
Biodegradable material: the PVA film produced is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and friendly to the environment.

7. Maintenance and operation:
User-friendly design: the operation interface is simple and intuitive, easy for operators to learn and use.
Convenient Maintenance: The modular design makes it easier to maintain and replace parts, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Main Application Areas

1. Packaging industry:
Water soluble Packaging: for water-soluble packaging of detergents, pesticides and other products, convenient to use and environmentally friendly.
Food Packaging: for environmentally friendly packaging of certain food products.

2. Medical and hygiene products:
Drug packaging: water-soluble packaging for single-dose drugs.
Surgical and hygiene products: for making soluble sanitary napkins and surgical sutures, etc.

3. Agriculture:
Seed Tape: for making water soluble seed tape for easy sowing.
Agricultural mulch film: to produce soluble agricultural mulch film and reduce the pollution of agricultural film.

4. Textile industry:
Embroidery substrate: water-soluble support material for embroidery.
Laundry Bags: used to produce water-soluble laundry bags to avoid cross contamination.

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