Maintenance and care of wire drawing machines Mar 23, 2023

1. Clean the machine frequently to keep it clean inside and outside.

2. When servicing the machine, ensure that the machine is at a standstill, the power and air supply is switched off and a warning sign is hung to prevent the machine from running suddenly and causing a safety accident.

3. When servicing the machine, it is strictly forbidden to knock on bearings and other precision parts.

4. When repairing the machine, its precision parts should be well marked to avoid confusion during assembly.

5. It is strictly forbidden to change the relative position or clearance of the internal parts of the machine to avoid damage to the parts when the machine is in operation.

6. For some easily damaged parts in the maintenance and disassembly process should be lightly held and placed.

7. Regularly check the spacing between the pulleys, the degree of wear of the belt and tighten the locking bolts for looseness.

8. Periodically check the bearings for jamming or abnormal sound, if there is, replace the bearings with the same type.

9. Regularly check the insulation condition of the external wiring to avoid the risk of electric shock caused by leakage of the external wiring.

10. Check that the display instruments, meters, operating buttons and emergency stop buttons are normal.

11. Regularly check the motor for ageing and damage to the wiring and for cracks in the casing, and replace them if necessary.

12. Regularly replace ageing electrical components.

13. Once a week, use a hoover to clean the dust and metal solids inside the distribution box to avoid poor contact or short circuit.

14. A standard maintenance plan should be drawn up and should be implemented according to the plan. Assign a person to carry out.

15. host reducer: every 5000 hours to replace the lubricant: ISO-220# viscosity gear oil.

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