How practical is PLA degradable straw? Mar 23, 2023

Generally, PLA alone is rarely used in straw, and most of them are modified PLA raw materials, because in long-distance transportation, the simple PLA degradation straw will immediately become sticky when it exceeds 50-60℃.In addition, PLA has no flexibility, so additives and fillers such as calcium carbonate and talcum powder are generally added. PBS(a biodegradable plastic, polybutanediol succinate) is also added for modification.

Plastic straw good environmental alternative materials called PLA at present, the Chinese called "polylactic acid", it is a kind of can be extracted from corn starch biodegradable plastics, poly lactic acid is made of lactic acid as raw material to produce, most traditional lactic acid fermentation using starch raw material, the polylactic acid, lactic acid production after the concrete production process is to grinding corn, extract starch,The starch is then converted into unrefined glucose, which is then fermented in a manner similar to the production of alcohol. After fermentation, the glucose is converted into lactic acid, which is similar to a food additive. The lactic acid is converted into an intermediate product by a special concentration process:"Reduced water lactic acid" is also known as "lactide", "lactide" after a single vacuum purification, and then has a solution process without the use of solvents, to complete the ring-opening action, so that the single polymerization, and then according to the specific use of PLA, the material is processed.

PLA degradation of straw production methods are: the use of renewable plant resources (cassava, corn and other crops) refined starch, starch raw materials get glucose after saccharification, and strains by glucose metabolism of lactic acid fermentation to make high purity, and high molecular weight is obtained by synthesis methods of polymerization of lactic acid, after processing molding, to make all kinds of good performance, biodegradable straws.

PLA degradation straw has good biodegradable performance, degradation to generate CO2 and H2O, no pollution to the environment, can meet the needs of industrial composting.After high temperature extrusion, the straw has good heat resistance, good solvent resistance, its product smoothness, light transmittibility, handle performance can replace petroleum based products, the physical and chemical indicators of the product can meet the requirements of food safety in various places.Therefore, it has a wide range of applications and can basically adapt to the needs of most drinks on the current market.

It is believed that in the future, with the development of degradable plastic science and technology and the improvement of non-degradable plastic recycling mechanism, the problem of environmental pollution caused by plastic waste can be solved by human beings.

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