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Hollow Grid Board Production Line

Hollow grid board production line is a specialized manufacturing system designed for the extrusion and production of hollow grid boards.These sheets feature a series of hollow channels or grids that provide strength, rigidity, and insulation properties. 

Hollow grid boards are widely used in various applications such as packaging, signage, construction, and agricultural sectors. The production line typically involves a series of processes to convert raw materials into the final product. 

Applications of Hollow Grid Board Production Line

Hollow grid panels, also known as hollow corrugated sheets or twin-wall sheets, have a wide range of applications due to their unique structure, which consists of hollow channels or grids. The structural design of these panels imparts strength, rigidity, and insulating properties.

1. Packaging
2. Signage and Displays
3. Construction
4. Greenhouses and Agricultural Structures
5. Roofing and Skylights
6. Partitions and Dividers
7. Automotive Components
8. Shelters and Temporary Structures
9. Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming Molds
10. Furniture Construction
11. Light Diffusers
12. Sound Barriers

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Hollow Grid Board Production Line

Machine composition:

1.Raw Material Handling: The production process begins with the handling of raw materials. Common materials include polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) resin pellets.

2.Material Mixing and Drying: The raw materials may undergo a mixing process to achieve the desired properties, and if necessary, a drying process to remove moisture.

3.Single Screw Extruder: The raw material is fed into a single screw extruder, where it is melted and compressed. The extruder shapes the molten material into a continuous flat sheet.

4.Sheet Forming: The flat sheet from the extruder is then passed through a sheet forming unit, which creates the desired hollow grid pattern by using a mold or forming equipment.

 5.Cooling System: The formed sheet is rapidly cooled to solidify the material and maintain the desired structure. Cooling may involve air or water cooling.

6.Corona Treatment: To improve the adhesion of inks or coatings, the surface of the hollow grid board may undergo corona treatment, which increases surface energy.

7.Cutting System: The continuous sheet is cut into individual hollow grid boards of the desired length using a cutting system. This can include guillotine cutters or other cutting mechanisms.

8.Edge Trimming: The edges of the hollow grid boards may undergo trimming to achieve a clean and uniform appearance.

9.Stacking or Winding: The finished hollow grid boards are either stacked for further processing or winding onto rolls for storage and transportation.

10.Optional Printing and Coating: Some production lines may include optional units for printing or coating the hollow grid boards for specific applications.

11.Quality Control: Throughout the production process, quality control measures are implemented to ensure that the hollow grid boards meet specified standards in terms of dimensions, structural integrity, and surface quality.

12.Packaging: The final products are packaged for distribution and use.

Hollow grid board production lines can be customized based on the specifications of the desired product, such as the thickness of the board, the size of the hollow grids, and the type of material used. 

Hollow Grid Board Production Line

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