• Feb 27, 2023 Carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite moulding process
    Carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite moulding process Traditionally FRPs are based on epoxy resins and reinforced with high performance fibres such as carbon fibres. However, recycling of epoxy-based composites at the end of their service life is quite complicated. Thermoplastics, on the...
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  • Mar 23, 2023 GSmach launches twin screw extruder for the cable material industry
    In order to meet the requirements of customers for process trials of cable materials, especially cross-linked cable materials, the technical team of GSmach has recently developed and manufactured a twin-stage twin-screw extrusion unit specifically for cable materials. The machine can be used for pro...
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  • Feb 27, 2023 Twin-screw extruder fault analysis and troubleshooting
    1 Failure phenomena: main motor does not start Failure analysis: absence of phase in the power supply; failure of the main contactor to engage; emergency stop switch not reset Exclusion methods: checking the contents of the 590 fault display; checking the control circuit for the start signal; reset...
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