GSmach launches twin screw extruder for the cable material industry Mar 23, 2023

In order to meet the requirements of customers for process trials of cable materials, especially cross-linked cable materials, the technical team of GSmach has recently developed and manufactured a twin-stage twin-screw extrusion unit specifically for cable materials. The machine can be used for process trials as well as for small batch production through the high performance configuration of the main machine.

After extrusion of the insulation layer, the cooled core is passed evenly through the scanning window of a high energy electron accelerator to complete the cross-linking process. The cross-linked cable material does not include a cross-linking agent and is cross-linked by a high-energy electron beam generated by a high-energy electron accelerator that effectively penetrates the insulation layer and produces a cross-linking reaction through energy conversion, as the electrons carry high energy and pass uniformly through the insulation layer, so the cross-linked bond formed has high energy bonding and good stability, and shows physical properties that are better than chemically cross-linked cables in terms of heat resistance.

Specially designed for cable material, the twin-step twin-screw extrusion unit can be equipped with an optional PLC control system based on the base of the main machine, which enables the precise proportioning of the material to be fed into the twin-screw extruder; after the material has been fully mixed by the twin-screw extruder, it can be vacuum-exhausted and automatically fed into the single-screw extruder to achieve the effect of cooling and granulation of the material.

The introduction of this machine fills a gap in the material process testing requirements of customers in the cable industry. At the same time, GS-mach can also provide different pelletizing options according to the user's needs, to meet the individual needs of the majority of users.

Cross-linked cables

Cross-linked cable is the abbreviation for cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable. Cross-linked cables are suitable for use in transmission and distribution lines with a working frequency AC voltage of 500 kV and below. The vast majority of high-voltage cables are currently insulated with cross-linked polyethylene.

Cross-linked cables usually refer to cables with cross-linked insulation. The most commonly used material is cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE). The cross-linking process involves taking a linear molecular structure of polyethylene (PE) material and processing it in a specific way so that it forms a cross-linked polyethylene with a body-shaped net-like split-wire structure. This enables the long-term permissible working temperature to be increased from 70°C to 90°C (or higher) and the short-circuit permissible temperature to be increased from 140°C to 250°C (or higher), greatly improving the actual performance in use while maintaining its original excellent electrical properties.

Cross-linking of polyethylene in cross-linked cables is an important technology to improve the performance of the material, after cross-linking modified polyethylene can make a substantial improvement in cable performance, not only significantly improve the mechanical properties of polyethylene cables, environmental stress cracking resistance, chemical resistance, creep resistance and electrical properties and other comprehensive performance, but also very obviously improve the temperature resistance level, so that the long-term working temperature of the cable from 70 ℃ to 90 ℃, thus greatly expanding the scope of application of cross-linked polyethylene cables.

As Nanjing GS-mach digital intelligent mixing plant solution continues to be applied to customers' actual plant production, people will continue to adhere to the belief of "Doing one thing well in life, dedicated to being the best twin-screw extruder in China"! We will continue to make our contribution to the international advanced level of preparation technology and equipment to better meet the growing needs of our customers.


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