Factors influencing the plasticity of the knapper Mar 23, 2023

(1)The effect of the temperature of the knapper on the plasticisation of raw rubber is usually better at lower temperatures when plasticising at lower temperatures. When the temperature is low, the elasticity of raw rubber is greater and the mechanical forces are greater. As a result, the plasticising efficiency is higher. Conversely, at higher temperatures, the rubber becomes softer and is subjected to less mechanical force, resulting in lower plasticising efficiency.

(2)The influence of the spacing on the plasticization of raw rubber When the speed of the barrel of the refiner is constant, the smaller the spacing, the greater the friction, shear and squeezing force on the rubber during plasticization. At the same time, the film becomes thinner and easier to cool, and the cooling film becomes harder and is subjected to greater forces. Therefore, the plasticizing effect will be improved.

(3)Reel speed, spoke speed than the impact of plasticizing raw rubber spoke cylinder speed is high, the number of times the rubber through the spoke gap per unit of time is more, the mechanical force by the opportunity to act on more, the plasticizing effect is good. However, if the speed is too high, the plastic rubber will heat up faster and the plasticizing effect will be reduced, meanwhile, the safety of operation will be reduced. Therefore, the speed should not be too high, generally 13-18r/min. The greater the spoke speed ratio of the two spokes, the greater the shear force on the rubber and the higher the plasticising effect. However, the spoke speed ratio should not be too high. Otherwise, the temperature of the rubber rises too quickly, which reduces the plasticising effect and increases energy consumption.

(4)The effect of time on the plasticisation of raw rubber The effect of plasticisation of raw rubber has a certain relationship with its plasticisation time, within a certain time range, the longer the plasticisation time is generally the better. However, beyond a reasonable plasticising time, the plasticising effect is not obvious. This is because the plasticity of the rubber has already plateaued. The plasticising time of the kneading machine is usually longer than 20 min. If greater plasticity is desired, then a segmented refining process should be used.

(5)Influence of the loading capacity on the plasticity of raw rubber The size of the loading capacity depends on the size of the machine used and also on the type of rubber being plasticised. For the specific use of the machine, the capacity is too large, the rubber will be stacked and rolled above the barrel, the plasticizing effect is poor, the labour intensity is also large; the capacity is too small, the production efficiency is low.

(6)The effect of plasticiser on the plasticising of raw rubber The use of plasticiser can improve the effect and quality of plasticising, with the advantages of shortening the plasticising time, reducing energy consumption, reducing rubber shrinkage and improving the efficiency of plasticising. In order to obtain the best process results, the plasticising temperature can be increased appropriately.

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