Did you know that biodegradable shopping bags also have a shelf life? Mar 23, 2023

Shelf life is nothing new to everyone, that is, products have an X period, a shelf life and a use-by date. It's common knowledge that food has an expiration date, and commodities have an expiration date. However, there is now a biodegradable shopping bag that also has a shelf life. Does it sound a little incredulous, or does it feel a little out of our depth? This biodegradable shopping bag is no ordinary shopping bag. Ordinary plastic bags don't have a shelf life because it takes hundreds of years to dissolve in the soil. Expiration date bags are biodegradable plastic bags that can be composted. That said, all biodegradable shopping bags have a useful life, and shelf life is not too much to say.

We say it's a fully biodegradable "plastic" bag. In fact, the bag contains no plastic. The main ingredients of fully biodegradable shopping bags are PLA and PBAT, which are discarded by nature. At the right temperature and humidity, it is broken down by microbes into carbon dioxide and water. Under natural or industrial composting conditions, it can be degraded to carbon dioxide and water in 180-360 days. It has no impact on the natural environment and "comes from nature and belongs to nature".

Because the biodegradable shopping bag is biodegradable, customers will worry about the shelf life of the biodegradable shopping bag when ordering, and whether the biodegradable shopping bag can continue to use after the shelf life?

In fact, the degradation time of biodegradable shopping bags is related to the storage environment. In general daily environment, even if the time exceeds the shelf life, it will not immediately disappear. But when its appearance does not change, the physical properties of biodegradable shopping bags begin to change, and their strength and toughness will gradually deteriorate over time, which is a feature of degradation.

Therefore, biodegradable shopping bags are not suitable for mass hoarding and proper ordering. Storage requirements are to keep the environment clean, dry, no direct sunlight, pay attention to the first in, first out storage management principle. For biodegradable shopping bags, it is impossible to require fast degradation and long shelf life, which is a contradiction.

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