Dense pelletizing unit Mar 23, 2023

Features of the compacting and granulating unit:

1. Fully automatic temperature and time control system is adopted for the compacting machine, which makes the operation precise and easy, and the mixing and tempering can achieve the best dispersing and uniform effect.

2. The feeding device adopts AC frequency conversion technology or DC speed control technology to achieve stepless speed adjustment. The temperature can be controlled by water cooling or heating with hot oil/hot water/steam, and the flat nozzle head is used to increase the density of the extruded material and make the surface smooth. It can meet the process requirements of different materials.

3. The first twin-screw extruder is already running at high speed to obtain a good mixing effect and a high output. The second extruder needs to be a single screw extruder with a larger diameter that can run at low speed. The low speed avoids over-shearing and the internal cooling system of the screw avoids overheating and has a strong heat exchange capacity.

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