Dense conical twin-screw extrusion and pelletizing machine Mar 23, 2023

Main features of the dense conical twin-screw extrusion and pelletizing machine:

(1)Compacting machines

 For homogeneous mixing of materials.

(2)Cone double feeder

The variable diameter, variable torque convergent structure enhances the material extrusion capacity, while the flat nozzle head is used to increase the density of the extruded material and smooth the surface.

(3)Twin-screw pelletizer

The stirring action of the rotor triggers the reaction between the different components of the material and ensures a full reaction.

The material passes through the filling mouth, under the action of the rotating screw, is rolled into a mass and rolls along the screw groove, due to the shearing, compression and stirring action of the screw, the material is further mixed and plasticised, the temperature and pressure gradually increases. The material is further mixed and plasticised by the shearing, compressing and mixing action of the screw.

(4)Single screw granulators

Stir again to improve yield.

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