Biodegradable plastic bag manufacturers explain the decomposition time of environmental protection plastic bags Mar 23, 2023

Plastic bags do bring some convenience to our lives, but this temporary convenience can cause long-term harm. The recycling value of plastic bags is low. In addition to the "visual pollution" caused by scattered in urban streets, tourist attractions, water bodies, roads and railways, there are also potential hazards.

First, affect agricultural production. Waste plastics continue to mix into the soil, affecting the uptake of nutrients and water in crops, resulting in crop yields.

Second, the survival of animals is threatened. Waste plastics are discarded on land or in water and eaten by animals as food, resulting in animal deaths. Last year, nearly 1,000 sheep from qinghai Lake died in 20 families, causing economic losses of more than 300,000 yuan. Sheep like to eat the oily residue wrapped in plastic bags, but often eat the bags together. Trapped in the bags for so long that they are difficult to digest, the sheep's stomachs are so full that they can no longer eat, and eventually starve to death. This kind of thing is common in zoos, pastoral areas, villages and oceans.

Third, the landfill of plastic waste not only occupies a large amount of land, but also the occupied land can not be restored for a long time, which affects the sustainable use of land. Such as waste plastic products into the landfill, 200 years will not degrade. Change soil ph, affect crop absorption of nutrients and water, resulting in agricultural production, causing great harm to the land, as for plastic products discarded in water or land, not only affect the environment, but also if passively swallowed, will lead to death, which will destroy the ecological balance.

Fourthly, high temperature decomposition out toxic substances, non-toxic plastic products, but because of its imperfect equipment used in the recycled and the 2, technology is also very humble, and many manufacturers have no legal business license, lead to reproduce the plastic products in the temperature of 65 ℃, the toxic substances in precipitation and infiltration of food and will be important to the human body parts, Such as liver, kidney, reproductive system and central nervous system damage.

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