Automatic weighing dosage feeding system May 24, 2023

Automatic weighing dosage feeding system


The first and the very important part of this line is the automatic weighing dosage feeding system, also is called losing weight system.

There are multiple advantages for such system, such as highly automatic feeding level, labour saving, continuously feeding, and precisely weighting. 


In this system, there are three floors, the top floor is placing three feeders, two sets of single screw feeder for feeding virgin and recycling granules from material. And one set of twin screw feeder for filler powder form materiel. Each feeder is with individual vacuum loader.

The second floor is the big weighing silo.

The first floor, is the PLC touch screen control system.


Final material will be dropped into the high speed mixer. The model is 800L liter with inverter frequency. In this process, materiel will be fully heated and mixed.


The second part is two stage extruder, composited with 75 twin screw extruder plus 180 single screw extruder.

Through twin screw extruder, materiel will be plasticized fully and with the best dispersion. Customer has equipped with two sets of sider feeder for future feeding usage. 

There is a an extra screen exchanger, for filter usage. 

Through the single screw, die head is with the low pressure, to maintain the stable extrusion, increase capacity, and final granules will be compressed and solid.


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