Advantages of loss-in-weight metering and feeding double-stage granulators Oct 27, 2023

Loss-in-weight metering feeding is a commonly used feeding method in double-stage granulators, which has the following advantages compared with the traditional quantitative feeding method:

1. Accurate metering: Loss-in-weight metering feed can achieve accurate metering of raw materials through the principle of gravity and weighing. It uses load cells or weighing instruments to measure the weight of the raw material to accurately determine the amount of material to be fed at a time. Compared to dosing, loss-in-weight dosing allows for more precise control of the amount of raw material input, ensuring that each batch of pellets has the same recipe and composition.

2. Real-time adjustment: Loss-in-weight metering systems are usually equipped with controllers and feedback mechanisms that allow real-time adjustments to be made based on actual feeding conditions. By constantly monitoring and comparing the difference between the actual feed quantity and the set target value, the system can automatically adjust the feed speed and time to achieve accurate metering and control. This real-time adjustment feature ensures consistent quality and composition of pellets from batch to batch.

3. Easy to operate: Loss-in-weight metering and feeding systems typically feature user-friendly interfaces and operator control panels for easy setup and monitoring by the operator. Operators can adjust feeding parameters such as target weight, feeding time and speed as needed to meet different production requirements. In addition, the loss-in-weight metering and feeding system can also record and store feeding data for subsequent quality management and traceability.

4. Efficient and Reliable: Loss-in-Weight Metering Feeding System can realise high-speed and continuous feeding process to improve production efficiency and capacity. At the same time, it has high reliability and stability, and can maintain consistent metering accuracy and performance over a long period of operation. This high efficiency and reliability makes loss-in-weight weighing metering and feeding widely used in high-volume and continuous production scenarios.

In summary, the loss-in-weight metering feeding system has the advantages of accurate metering, real-time adjustment, easy operation and high efficiency and reliability in a two-stage granulator. It can provide accurate metering of raw materials, ensure consistent quality and composition of granules in each batch, and improve production efficiency and quality control.

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