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ABS Sheet Extruder Machine

GSmach can supply ABS sheet extrusion lines. ABS sheet extruder machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed for the extrusion of ABS plastic sheets. ABS is a thermoplastic polymer known for its strength, toughness, and impact resistance, making it suitable for various applications such as automotive components, household appliances, toys, and construction materials.

Applications of ABS Sheets:

Automotive Parts: ABS sheets are used in automotive interiors and exteriors, including dashboards, trim components, and body panels.

Consumer Goods
: ABS is widely used in the production of consumer goods such as luggage, toys, and electronic housings.

Construction: ABS sheets find applications in construction for items like bathroom panels, wall panels, and protective covers.

Appliances: ABS sheets are used in the manufacturing of appliance parts due to their durability and resistance to chemicals.
Signage and Displays: ABS sheets are popular for signage, displays, and point-of-purchase materials due to their ease of fabrication and smooth surface finish.

Prototyping: ABS is commonly used in 3D printing and rapid prototyping due to its ease of processing and versatility.

Medical Devices: ABS sheets are used in the production of medical device housings and components.

Educational Materials: ABS sheets are used in educational settings for projects and prototypes due to their ease of use and versatility.
Stationery and Office Supplies: Items such as binders, trays, and organizers are often made from ABS sheets.


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  • ABS sheets are available in various colors, thicknesses, and finishes, allowing for customization based on specific application requirements. Their balance of strength, impact resistance, and ease of fabrication makes them a popular choice in many industries.
abs sheet extrusion line

What's ABS Sheet?

  • ABS sheets are made from ABS resin by extrusion, calendering, trimming and other processes.


  • ABS is an acronym for Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene, a strong, tough, easy to process and mould thermoplastic polymeric structural material, also known as ABS resin.

Characteristics of ABS Sheets:

  • Toughness: ABS sheets are known for their toughness and impact resistance, making them suitable for applications that require durable materials.

    Rigidity: ABS has good rigidity, providing structural integrity to fabricated parts and products.

    Chemical Resistance: ABS is resistant to many chemicals, which enhances its suitability for applications in harsh environments.

    Thermal Stability: ABS has good thermal stability and can withstand moderate temperatures without deforming.

    Ease of Fabrication: ABS sheets are easy to cut, shape, and fabricate, making them versatile for various manufacturing processes.

    Surface Finish: ABS sheets often have a smooth surface finish, making them suitable for applications where appearance matters.
    Electrical Insulation: ABS is an electrical insulator, and ABS sheets are used in applications requiring electrical insulation properties.

Flow Chart Description

Feeder → transit bin → loss-in-weight feeding → twin-screw mixing → filter → gear pump → distributor → T-die → three-roll calendar → cooling stack and trimming → thickness tester → corona treatment → silicon/antistatic coating and drier → protective film coating → traction → automatic winder with accumulator

ABS Sheet Line Layout

ABS Sheet Line Layout

ABS Sheet Extruder Machine

A Typewidth (mm)thickness(mm)

Quantity (kg/h)



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