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About Us

Established in 2013, GS-mach has been focusing on polymer extrusion equipment and process technology. Our professional and aspiring team has made a number of milestones in designing machines for plastic processing. It is a leader in the field of plastic extruders.

Nanjing GS-mach is a professional machinery design and manufacturing enterprises. Focus on plastic, rubber, chemical industry and other cutting-edge equipment independent research and development and production. At present, the main products are rubber and plastic granulation equipment, plastic film, sheet extrusion molding equipment. GS-mach has been sold to various countries and is well received at home and abroad with its strong advantages.

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Key Milestones

Preliminary team

The founder went into the extruder business and started doing import and export business. To be the most interesting person with outstanding work efficiency. Then I began to learn extruder technology and mechanical design.

Set up an initial team of 6 people, they are all top talents in the plastic machine industry. Raised funds, purchased related equipment and rented office buildings. For the future development of the company, laid a strong foundation.

Preliminary team

Successfully export $5 million machine to foreign countries. Receive high praise from foreign customers. Gain confidence and trust. It’s also a huge step.

Was formally established

Formal relocation, new appearance, a new start. Hiring new staff, expanding size and office space. Special research institutions are set up in China to provide technical support. In the performance, further expanded the export output value. It made $10 million in sales.

Was formally established

Export melt-blown cloth equipment and stone paper production line, That’s $120 million.Has been leading in the plastic industry, At the same time, extruder and other machinery, also broke through the tens of millions of dollars.

Was formally established

Biodegradable plant

To protect the earth, we have invested in the construction of biodegradable granulation production line in guangdong. Also, we biodegradable extruders and formulations, also received the recognition of European and American customers.

Biodegradable product

The technology of the machine and equipment is very mature, and with the support of the biological team, we have invested in biodegradable plastic products such as bags and lunch boxes. Our dream goes on……

Was formally established

Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Granules Making Machine (LFRT)

PA/PP/PE Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Unidirectional Tapes Line (CFRP)

Reinforced thermoplastic laminates Machinery


PET PLA Supercritical CO2 continuous extrusion foaming production line

Why Choose GS-Mach


We are committed to providing advanced polymer extrusion equipment and total solutions for our customers.

As the most qualified Chinese partner in polymer extrusion equipment, GS-mach continues to serve many Fortune 500 international groups. Assisting by educating our clients and averting potential troubles through our experience we can help in many facets.

Certificates and Patents

Each customer can get the maximum profit, technical support, and quality service.In the plastics industry, to contribute to the green earth, the application of biodegradable products is recommended to protect the environment


Global Partners

Many Leading Companies Trust Our Expertise


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