110L Kneader Twin Screw Extruder with Water Ring Pelletizing Line in Turkey Feb 27, 2023

Hello everyone, nice to meet you today. we are now at our factory, GS-Mach Extrusion Equipment Co.,Ltd. Today we have one running and debugging test of our Kneader Screw Extruder series production line which will be soon shipped to Turkey in recent days. Let’s go together and view more details.

Now kneader screw pelletizing line is very popular among the world, especially for Turkey country, annually we sold over 10 sets of kneader series just to Turkey. For this production line, customer asks for 110 kneader GS75B twin screw with water ring pelletizng line to filler masterbatch. Capacity is around 600-800kg/h. The raw material we used today is 80%Coco3 plus 15%PE plus 5%additives.

Compared with other solutions, we have better mixing and dispersion performance due to the use of kneader, and dust-free. The use of conical twin screw force feeder has also ensured higher output and feeding performance.

Introduction Machinery detailed parts: 110L kneader—conveyor—conical twin screw force feeder—GS75B twin screw extruder (total 12 sections, the first and the second are feeding barrel, the last but not the least is vacuum barrel, L/D:48:1)—-water ring hot face pelletizer—- diversion trench —– centrifugual dewaterer —–vibration sieve—-blower —silo—- electrical control system

That’s so much for the today’s kneader screw pelletizing line introduction, this is the weekly shot video, by next week, we will load other series, hope you can subscribe us and send us message through email and WhatsApp, we would be glad if you are interested. Thanks for your watching, see you next week.

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